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Our Story

What sets our food apart from the rest.


Good Earth blossomed out of the real life experiences of two women who realized they had to take their health, and the health of their families into their own hands. When Marcia and Rose started exploring the impact of nutrition, their paths led them both to become certified Health Coaches.

Their education and experience working as health coach through their platform called Detox Chef, not only transformed their lifestyles, and healed their own families, but impacted the families of their clients. By implementing clean eating and witnessing real lasting results, Marcia and Rose saw the true need for healthy food in their community. This inspired their next endeavor, Good Earth Restaurant.

They now provide healing food, sourcing seasonal produce from local farms, such as Verrill Farm and Ferjulian Farm, when possible. They have been offering food their community can trust for the past seven years, empowering their customers with the knowledge and resources to be nourished and thrive.

100% Fresh

Our Founders

Meet Marcia and Rose, the people behind our food and learn what makes our food here at Good Earth Holistic Kitchen so special.