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Meal Prep Programs

Check out our meal plans! 

We are dedicated to promoting health to our community with that being said we have designed 2 different types of plans. To learn more about our programs click over the name of the programs.


Clean 14: 

Our ready-to-eat meals are designed by a Certified Holistic Coach to revitalize your body and refocus your
cravings with fresh plant-based dishes and eliminate white sugar, gluten, dairy, preservatives, and artificial
flavorings. Infuse your cells with the power of plant foods, organic, non-GMO, fresh vegetables, roots, nuts,
seeds, oils, and superfoods. Every ingredient is chosen for its healing benefits. (Click Clean 14 to learn more)

Meal Prep Program:

We designed a menu to cater to your unique dietary needs with our flexible and nutritious meal plans. Whether you're looking for a short-term boost or a long-term solution, our plans are designed to fit your lifestyle.

Our Meal Plans:

  • 3-Day Plan: Perfect for a quick health reset or to try out our delicious offerings.

  • 5-Day Plan: Ideal for a workweek of wholesome, convenient meals.

  • 10-Day Plan: For those who want an extended period of balanced, nutritious eating.

Let's get started.

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